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                        2-Aminomethylpyrimidine hyd
                        Nicotinamide riboside chlor
                About Us

              As a hi-tech enterprise, Shandong Jinhu Chemical Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of pharmaceuticals, pesticide materials and intermediates. With self-developed technologies, we are working hard on the research and development of chemical new drugs, pesticides and intermediates. There are R & D center, standardized experimental center and pilot transformation plants in our company now, and we establish an industrialization base in Shandong Laiwu Pharmaceutical Industrial Park.

              Under the supports of an experienced team with rich experiences in quality management, we establish a standardized and perfect quality standard system, and perform supervision and management on whole process from the risk assessment of enterprise, R & D of products, transfer amplification, manufacturing and testing to sales service, therefore we have good ability to provide reliable guarantees for the production of products in accordance with the standards of customers.

              Focusing on the fields of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and intermediates constantly, Jinhu strives to provide excellent quality and most advanced services for leading pharmaceutical and pesticide companies all over the world.

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